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    Cho Feng nine

    Cho Feng nine

    Main characters of variety
    The leaves are folded, the leaf balls are inverted, leafy, green, and white. The growth period is 90 days. The quality is excellent, high frost resistance, virus disease and soft rot. It
    Main cultivation measures, planting season and adaptability
    In Shandong area, 20 -8 (average daily temperature 24-25 "C") was planted in August 10th, planting 2000 plants per acre.
    Local experience cultivation management. It has been widely used for many years, with wide adaptability, strong resistance and stable yield.
    Adaptability: suitable for planting in most parts of the country.

    Quality indicator implementation standard: G816715.2 -2010
    Not less than 96.0 % net purity not less than 98.0 % germination rate not less than 85 % moisture not more than 7.0 %
    Crop Types: Cabbage Seed Category: Hybrid Origin: Shandong Quality Assurance Period: 12 months Net Content: See Spray Code
    Test Date and Quarantine Certificate Number: See Spraying Code Uniform Social Credit Code: 91370724728596900P
    Crop seed production and operation license number: D(Luwei) Agricultural Seed Xu Zi(2017) No. 10001

    Risk tips
    1. Storage conditions: When storing seeds, it is necessary to reduce the seed moisture and keep the seeds dry: keep the barn properly low temperature, dry, and closed, and if necessary, ventilate when the environmental moisture is lower than the seed moisture. Water is less than 7 %.
    2. If the temperature is less than 13 'C after spring sowing, it is easy to bloom and grow carefully.
    3. Early sowing in autumn, susceptible virus disease and frost mine disease, need to be carefully planted.
    4. Note the supplement of calcium and microelement cable in seedling period and core period to prevent the occurrence of dry burn heart.
    5. In the process of cutting and training, the air fertilizer is over the belt, and it is easy to appear black spots on the leaves. Take care to prevent excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer.
    6 The above areas are not marked for adaptation, and must be promoted based on the success of the trial planting.
    7. The 4 varieties are hybrid seeds and can not be planted. The picture is for reference only.
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